Responsive Eminent Domain Defense

Assert Your Rights As A Florida Property Owner

Losing your property to the government as part of an eminent domain taking can affect more than just your land. The impacts on your family, your business and your investments can be difficult to value, and the compensation you receive from the government may not cover those impacts entirely.

If you have received notice of an impending eminent domain action or have recently experienced a taking, contact me at the law office of Robert A. Schreiber Esq. LLC immediately.

A Personal Ally Against Impersonal Takings

An eminent domain action can feel like an invasion of your privacy and property by a faceless, impersonal government entity. With more than 25 years of experience litigating eminent domain cases in Florida, I understand the frustrations of dealing with the bureaucratic machine with your property on the line. As a solo practitioner, I work side by side with every client to ensure that your concerns are heard and your rights are defended to the fullest extent.

As the former supervisor for the eminent domain legal department of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), I have a closer understanding of eminent domain law than many large-scale firms in Florida. As a result, I have identified and pursued the best possible outcome for the full spectrum of takings litigation and negotiation on behalf of multinational corporations and single-family landowners alike.

To serve your best interests as a property owner, I prepare for every case to present to a jury. This preparation provides you with the best chances of obtaining an advantageous settlement in pretrial negotiations. If we cannot reach an agreement in negotiation, our trial strategy, based on decades of courtroom experience, has already been solidified, giving us time to strengthen and polish your case.

In every case, I offer my best and honest assessment of your case. I believe that realistic expectations and meticulous preparation are key to obtaining satisfactory outcomes, regardless of whether your case sees the courtroom.

Call A Seasoned Courtroom Veteran About An Impending Eminent Domain Taking

When facing a government taking, having an experienced trial attorney can make a world of difference in obtaining fair and just compensation. I advise all property owners to contact me as soon as they are notified of a potential eminent domain action in order to build the strongest possible case. Your initial consultation with my office is free.

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